85 years old

A new client enquiry this weekend from an 85 year old gentleman! 

 Yes 85 years old! 

 He has clear goals of weightloss and improving his fitness and flexibility

Just like all of us he has his personal injuries and physical and mental dysfunctions.. 

 BUT he wants to improve his life and he has done the hardest thing by seeking help 

 It may seem a bit of a cliche but the truth is this is the hardest bit: contacting someone and asking for help 

 This gentleman now has my 100% support and focus to help him achieve his goals 

 So, if an 85 year old man can motivate himself to do something about his lifestyle, what is your excuse?

Don’t focus only on weight 

No matter how long I have worked with people now and again they’ll always slip up and tell me they’ve been weighing themselves regularly again and noticed fluctuations throughout the week…

Firstly my advice is always dont weigh yourself more than once a week

You’ll soon know when the weight is falling off with your clothes size and just visually in the mirror. Take measurements if that helps you mentally

I know some like to keep tabs on objective data to re-
enforce what they are doing is working..

Fair enough. But do not be surprised for your weight to fluctuate up/down by over a kg even in 24 hours..

What does this do to your motivation? It kills it, not what we want.

This is not down to anything you have done wrong, it could be you haven’t had a large bowel movement for a day or two, you’ve just drank a Litre of water, you’ve had some food high in sodium so retaining fluid, food intolerances… So many factors!!!!!

Focus on living a healthy lifestyle providing the body with nourishment…

Just the same as you would with chocolate, crisps and convenience processed food; limit your scales usage!

Remove This From Your Diet and You’ll Lose Weight


 Sugar is more to blame than fat for you being overweight, honestly 

 Sugar is hidden in so many foods


tart by doing this:

Remove all processed, ready cooked meals and snacks immediately 

 No chocolate, cakes, biscuits, pastries, ready meals, bread… 

 DO NOT BUY THEM so they wont be in your cupboards at home when you are hungry 

 Give this a go and let me know your feedback

A Salad Could Be Worse Than A Cheeseburger?

So you're on track with your diet, you've removed the chocolate, crisps, fast food and takeaways and are now picking up 'healthy' salads from the supermarket on the way to work but your weight still isnt shifting..

An absolute classic example of what I hear from people on a weekly basis.

They cant get their head around why they wouldnt be losing weight, what could there possibly be in a salad that could be fattening?

Have a read of this link and you could well be shocked:


A Marks and Spencer Chicken bacon and sweetcorn pasta salad has more total calories, fat sugar and salt then a McDonalds quarter pounder with cheese!

Now there may be some goodness in the salad too but the main factor here if you are trying to lose weight is that if you are not creating a calorie defecit YOU WILL NOT LOSE WEIGHT.

You dont have to waste hours reading food labels and being confused about what and how much you should eat, let me do the hard work for you:


Last 30 days for my first group of Transform 90 members

Its been a few weeks since I updated on the progress of my Transform 90 members..

Some fantastic success stories:

10 people in the group

10 have lost weight, all on track with goals

4 of them have lost over 2 stone in 8 weeks

3 of them started with injuries and physical dysfunctions that initially stopped them from exercising at all and now they are pain free and exercising 3 times a week

1 of them hadn’t exercised for several years and was adamant they wouldn’t be fit enough to do anything, not now!

They wouldn’t mind me saying, some of the members had their own personal perceptions of ‘barriers’ which we actually found out were excuses!

Are you guilty of this?

Is Organic Worth The Money?

We could talk all day about the ethics of buying organic produce but is it actually worth the extra money for the health benefits?

Research has shown less pesticides present and a general higher nutrient quality in organic food however a lot of the research suggests the difference is minimal...

You have to consider the cost, if you can't afford organic still focus on eating a large variety of fruit and veg.

Nutrient values in produce peak at prime ripeness, just after harvest. As a general rule, the less produce has to travel, the fresher and more nutrient dense it remains. So buying from local farm shops would be recommended.

Have you heard of the clean 15?

Basically they have the lowest pesticide value and you won't necessarily see much difference between organic and non organic, these are:
Sweet corn
Frozen peas
Cantaloupe Melon
Sweet Potatoes

No excuse not to get your fruit and veggies in!

You’ve no right to be disappointed.. 

.. If you haven’t done the work. 

I almost laughed in the gym this morning.. A client of mine weighing in and she was the same weight as last week but full of excuses until she finally admitted she hadn’t followed my guidelines for the week

You cannot keep kidding yourself long term, you’ve either done the work or you haven’t. It really is that simple

If you haven’t done the work, don’t expect results..

Transform 90 update..

It’s been a very enjoyable but hectic few weeks keeping up with my first group on my online transformation package!

Some fantastic success stories so far, received this email last night

‘Ben, what were those supersets! Feeling it today but really enjoying the program and have surprised not only myself but my parents too how well I have stuck with the program. I’m not saying it’s easy but the way you’ve broken it down in to simple to follow steps makes more sense to me’

Music to my ears, he’s stuck to the program and is getting results.. It’s not rocket science. 

I’m thinking of opening up 5 more spaces for transform 90 from 1st May. 

Register your interest by emailing me ben@iambencobbett.com

31 Fat Loss Mistakes #26

Lifting light weights and high reps

Now there are individual factors to consider here..

I wouldn’t necessarily say everyone should just start lifting heavy however 3 x 20 reps with 1kg dumbells is not going to help you burn fat long term

This is similar to the long bouts of cardio at low intensity.. your body will simply not burn fat as fuel and will not stimulate any of your fat burning hormones 

The stronger we are the more muscle fibres we can recruit and the more calories we can consequently burn