Is Organic Worth The Money?

We could talk all day about the ethics of buying organic produce but is it actually worth the extra money for the health benefits?

Research has shown less pesticides present and a general higher nutrient quality in organic food however a lot of the research suggests the difference is minimal...

You have to consider the cost, if you can't afford organic still focus on eating a large variety of fruit and veg.

Nutrient values in produce peak at prime ripeness, just after harvest. As a general rule, the less produce has to travel, the fresher and more nutrient dense it remains. So buying from local farm shops would be recommended.

Have you heard of the clean 15?

Basically they have the lowest pesticide value and you won't necessarily see much difference between organic and non organic, these are:
Sweet corn
Frozen peas
Cantaloupe Melon
Sweet Potatoes

No excuse not to get your fruit and veggies in!

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