A Salad Could Be Worse Than A Cheeseburger?

So you're on track with your diet, you've removed the chocolate, crisps, fast food and takeaways and are now picking up 'healthy' salads from the supermarket on the way to work but your weight still isnt shifting..

An absolute classic example of what I hear from people on a weekly basis.

They cant get their head around why they wouldnt be losing weight, what could there possibly be in a salad that could be fattening?

Have a read of this link and you could well be shocked:


A Marks and Spencer Chicken bacon and sweetcorn pasta salad has more total calories, fat sugar and salt then a McDonalds quarter pounder with cheese!

Now there may be some goodness in the salad too but the main factor here if you are trying to lose weight is that if you are not creating a calorie defecit YOU WILL NOT LOSE WEIGHT.

You dont have to waste hours reading food labels and being confused about what and how much you should eat, let me do the hard work for you:


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