Don’t focus only on weight 

No matter how long I have worked with people now and again they’ll always slip up and tell me they’ve been weighing themselves regularly again and noticed fluctuations throughout the week…

Firstly my advice is always dont weigh yourself more than once a week

You’ll soon know when the weight is falling off with your clothes size and just visually in the mirror. Take measurements if that helps you mentally

I know some like to keep tabs on objective data to re-
enforce what they are doing is working..

Fair enough. But do not be surprised for your weight to fluctuate up/down by over a kg even in 24 hours..

What does this do to your motivation? It kills it, not what we want.

This is not down to anything you have done wrong, it could be you haven’t had a large bowel movement for a day or two, you’ve just drank a Litre of water, you’ve had some food high in sodium so retaining fluid, food intolerances… So many factors!!!!!

Focus on living a healthy lifestyle providing the body with nourishment…

Just the same as you would with chocolate, crisps and convenience processed food; limit your scales usage!

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