Transform 90 update..

It’s been a very enjoyable but hectic few weeks keeping up with my first group on my online transformation package!

Some fantastic success stories so far, received this email last night

‘Ben, what were those supersets! Feeling it today but really enjoying the program and have surprised not only myself but my parents too how well I have stuck with the program. I’m not saying it’s easy but the way you’ve broken it down in to simple to follow steps makes more sense to me’

Music to my ears, he’s stuck to the program and is getting results.. It’s not rocket science. 

I’m thinking of opening up 5 more spaces for transform 90 from 1st May. 

Register your interest by emailing me

31 Fat Loss Mistakes #26

Lifting light weights and high reps

Now there are individual factors to consider here..

I wouldn’t necessarily say everyone should just start lifting heavy however 3 x 20 reps with 1kg dumbells is not going to help you burn fat long term

This is similar to the long bouts of cardio at low intensity.. your body will simply not burn fat as fuel and will not stimulate any of your fat burning hormones 

The stronger we are the more muscle fibres we can recruit and the more calories we can consequently burn

31 Fat Loss Mistakes #25


Stop talking about it, waiting for the best time to start..

There’ll never be a good time, your sisters next door neighbours hairdressers birthday is next week so you’ll start after that! I’ve heard all the excuses..

Just get on with it, no matter how little you do to begin with..

In fact for those who are sedentary I’d recommend doing just that; nice steady activity for the first week or two, don’t worry about all these scientific programs just MOVE! 

31 Fat Loss Mistakes #24

Using fat burner pills and raspberry ketones etc

Rubbish. Don’t waste your money..

No valid research has shown that any of these ‘magic’ pills or potions work long term..

And to those people who say they do help I would have you consider the placebo effect.. 

If I’d spent a hundred pounds on some pills it would make me stop being so lazy, work a bit harder in the gym and eat less crap, that’s all that’s happened..

It doesn’t mean to say the pills have had any direct effect on burning your intracellular fat stores or any other strange claims they may make 

31 Fat Loss Mistakes #23

Eating too fast!

You may laugh at this one but have a think next time you are eating about how fast you finish your plate..

It takes a while for the brain to recognize that you’ve had enough to eat and are in fact full.

Studies have shown that chewing slowly can actually help you eat fewer calories and increase the production of hormones linked to losing weight

Give it a go! 

31 Fat Loss Mistakes #22

Not acknowledging your problems 

I’m not here to make you feel bad but I will tell you the truth and if you don’t acknowledge the real issues behind your weight problems you will not keep the weight off long term I guarantee you. 

For example, A recent 2014 study of 196,211 individuals found that 19.9% of people fulfil the criteria for food addiction.. Is this you? 

Try and keep a food diary for 7 days but write down what you eat straight after you’ve eaten it, there are some great apps for this too (MyFitnessPal)

You’ll be shocked by seeing this recorded and will honestly make you think about what you’re consuming 

Food addiction, secret eating, binge eating.. Don’t be ashamed to admit your issues and seek help 

Get this sorted as soon as possible and it will change your life